Dental Schools vs. Private Dental Office

An easy way to save money is to seek treatment at a dental school instead of a private dental practice. The question most people ask is, what are the benefits and drawbacks?

Private dental offices have years of experience and master the craft of “butterfly hands.” Butterfly Hands means that the dentist knows how to perform the dental services with minimal pain and discomfort. Also, because they are in private practice, your treatment is completed as quickly as possible.

Dental schools operate on the basis that the student is being educated. Based on this a complete dental history, interview and exam is performed. After the initial exam, a treatment plan is created then treatment is started. This process results in multiple appointments each lasting hours – the completion of care could take months.

Many people are concerned that the care they receive will not be as good as a private dental office. While the student lacks the Butterfly Hands that a seasoned dentist has developed, their treatment is supervised by experienced dentist and utilize the latest technologies. One could argue that the benefit here is that you have a built-in second opinion. Yes, the student is learning but the students do challenge the view of the supervising dentist and viewing things differently is not a minus. One other clear benefit to a dental school is unnecessary care. We have all “heard” reports of medical treatments being done simply so the doctor can bill. While this practice is seldom, a dental school has no incentive to perform any unnecessary care.

Regardless if you use a dental school or a private dental office, always seek a second opinion.

Pluses of Private Dental Offices      

· “Butterfly Hands”                               

· Treatment is completed quickly

· Private Dental Offices are located in your area so they are easily accessed

Minuses of Private Dental Offices 

· Cost

Pluses of Dental Schools

· They are approximately ½ the price of a private dental office

· Multiple opinions

· No unnecessary care 

Minuses of Dental Schools 

· Multiple appointments that last hours

· A lack of “Butterfly Hands”

· There may not be a Dental School near you

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