A Sad Business is Emerging

Selling human organs to pay for food and other items is not new. People in third world countries have been doing it for decades but with email and the Internet so prevalent, people are now sending spam emails offering to sell their organs. Below is a spam email that we received from a man offering to sell part of his liver.

I found your e-mail address on medical site of transplant and liver problems. My name is [name redacted], I am from Ukraine, I am 31 years old man, I do not drink alcohol and do not smoke cigarettes, my blood is O+ and I have a good health. If you need liver transplant I am ready to give part of my liver, but I want to receive a big compensation for that…

If you do not need liver transplant, but you know somebody who need it, please send my message to this person or keep it just in case.

[email address redacted]

[name redacted]

P.S. If I was mistaken, I am sorry, I will not disturb you any more.

While this practice is illegal, and scams are abundant, there are many other issues that arise with such deviant practices. And while people who are near the end of life often investigate such offers, we cannot stress enough to stay within medical protocol and a transplant network.

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