William R. & Diane M. Cornell

June 5, 2003

Mr. Kevin Flynn, President
Healthcare Advocates
1420 Walnut Street
Suite 908
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Dear Kevin,

We certainly appreciate your help in getting Highmark BC/BS to process our medical claim for ESWT treatments to Bill and their subsequent payment of 56% of the cost of the treatments.

We had tried several times and had submitted many documents supporting the procedure but to no avail; we were unable to get them to consider our claim. Then we heard about your organization and what you could achieve.

Once we submitted copies of all the forms we submitted to Highmark it only took about 3 weeks and we heard from you that they were going to pay our claim. We did receive a check but then you advised that the payment was insufficient and you had pursued them further getting us another payment totaling more than half of what we had spent.

It is unfortunate that it takes this kind of action to get an insurance carrier to pay a rightful claim but we are thankful for an organization and an individual such as you.

Our sincere thanks and best wishes.


Bill Cornell
Spring Mount, PA