# 1 - Problem:
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# 2 - Problem:

Paul, a 50+ year-old man, had a 5.5 cm ascending aortic aneurysm and a 3 cm descending aneurysm. Paul contacted HealthCare Advocates to help ensure that he was getting the best care possible.

HealthCare Advocates' research yielded two nationally recognized experts with extensive credentials, including a published study with patients with aneurysms. The two doctors then met with Paul for one and a half hours and answered all of Paul's questions.

# 3 - Problem:

Mary, a 40-year-old mother, was served with divorce papers from her husband. With no family support and no financial resources, Mary was having a nervous breakdown. Mary wasn't eating, she couldn't sleep and was concerned for herself and her child. Because of the situation, Mary started seeing a therapist 3 times a week but her
mental health benefits ran out after 20 visits.

HealthCare Advocates spoke with Mary's insurance company, explained the situation, and the child involved, and obtained extended treatment for Mary.

# 4 - Problem:

Abby was being harassed by bill collectors for a $928 laboratory bill and she didn't know why. She had insurance; why didn't they pay it?

HealthCare Advocates investigated the situation and found the error. Abby's bill was cleared and she is no longer being harassed by the bill collectors. In fact, she even received a refund check.

# 5 - Problem:

Dan, a 62-year-old man, needed both oral and open-heart surgeries. His doctors wanted to perform the two surgeries a day apart for medical reasons but wanted him to stay in the hospital overnight. The problem began when Dan's insurance company said that he would have the oral surgery on Monday but have to go home, and come back on Tuesday, for the open heart surgery. The problem was that to have the two surgeries, Dan had to stop taking his heart medication and with the invasiveness of the oral surgery, his doctors were concerned that he might have complications during the night while at home.

HealthCare Advocates intervened and worked with the providers and insurance
company to solve the problem. In the end, Dan was allowed to stay in the hospital overnight and he was admitted a day early for pre-op.

# 6 - Problem:

Fred suffered an asthmatic attack 4 years ago and was admitted to the hospital for 3 days. Recently, Fred applied for a home mortgage and was denied because he had a $2,000 outstanding charge from the hospital. Apparently, his insurance company didn't pay the for the last day of Fred's hospitalization. Furthermore, if Fred paid this bill, he would not have enough money to purchase the house he wanted.

HealthCare Advocates investigated the situation and found that the insurance
company had made an error. The insurance company then paid the $2,000.

# 7 - Problem:

Joanne, an elderly woman, had diabetes and because of the complications with her diabetes, had her leg amputated. When she arrived home from the hospital she was to be fitted for prosthesis, enter into physical therapy, and learn how to care for her stump. The problem she faced was she fell through the cracks. She could not get the prosthesis, nor could she get physical therapy or any other care she needed.

HealthCare Advocates investigated and resolved the situation. In short, she had fallen through the cracks of the healthcare system and HealthCare Advocates got her back on track. We received a call from her a day later thanking us and telling us how they even supplied transportation for her.

# 8 - Problem:

Amy, a one year-old child, had late stage retinal blastoma (cancer). Amy was being treated by a leading specialist who was out-of-network. The insurance company would only cover treatment for an in-network specialist.

HealthCare Advocates became involved and found a way that the family could continue seeing the out-of-network specialist and have the treatment covered by the insurance company.

# 9 - Problem:

A six-year-old child was denied speech therapy by an insurance company. The family began paying for the therapy themselves which depleted their savings. Additionally, early intervention was very important in correcting the child's speech.

HealthCare Advocates took on the insurance company. Shortly there after, the family received a check form the insurance company for the speech therapy.

# 10 - Problem:

John's mother, a 95 year old woman, fell and broke her leg. Because of her condition and age, it was determined that she'll never be able to walk again preventing her from living at home with her son and his family. John was now faced with how to get his mother into a nursing home, which one to select, how to pay for the nursing home and how to keep the family together through this tragedy.

HealthCare Advocates showed John how to select a proper nursing home. We then discussed who would pay for the nursing home and how "the system" works. While these are never easy decisions to make, John knows that he made the correct decisions for his mother and his family.

# 11 - Problem:

Fred was denied a gastric bypass by his insurance company. His BMI was over 40 and he could not understand why his health insurance was denying the gastric bypass.

HealthCare Advocates researched Fred's medical condition, gastric bypasses, FDA regulations, and more. HealthCare Advocates then took on the insurance company. The result, Fred's gastric bypass was approved.