I.  Employer and Group Price Plans

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group's needs.

II. The Consumer Price Plan (for individuals and families)

Standard Pricing (fee for service) Plan:

Membership fee - $19.95 (annual fee)**

Most services generally cost - $49.95 to $1,500 (depending on the problem)

Pricing for the A&P Plan (this is financial protection plan):

The Authorization and Payment Plan (A&P Plan)
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1 month - $85 (good for procedures & hospitalizations)
3 months - $145 (good for extended hospitalizations)
6 months - $295 (good for long treatments like cancer)
9 months - $395 (good for pregnancies)
1 year - $595 (the smart choice)

* The prices listed above include the membership fee.
* All pre-existing issues are handled on a fee for service basis.   The A&P plan does not cover
pre-existing problems with insurance companies or other as it is intended to be a pro-active plan.
* Services performed on a flat fee are not subject to refund.
** the annual fee does not cover/include the cost of the specific services offered.

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