A Message from the President

My idea for HealthCare Advocates was something that evolved over time. But the need became apparent to me in a single defining instant that lasted no longer than five seconds. I was an 18-year-old college sophomore when I was struck by a car.

Unconscious for the next three days, I had yet to learn the extent of my injuries: a six-inch basilar skull fracture, a severed first cranial nerve, a contusion to the temporal lobe and the bilateral frontal lobe causing a hemorrhage. Once conscious, I found my speech slurred. I couldn't walk without help. I had no short-term memory. I couldn't read, write or do math. And everything about, around or near my head hurt.

The better part of the next year was spent in the hospital. The subsequent two years were spent as an outpatient. With insurance coverage exhausted and a family unable to absorb the financial burden, I quickly became a 19-year-old with no money, no insurance, no support and a tremendous medical need. Medical Assistance proved of little value.

I was able to get some of the help I needed by saving money to pay for individual doctor visits. I remember one neuropsychologist, in particular, who told me about computer programs that would help me relearn how to read, write and compute. With little money in my pocket, I found programs that were either free or really inexpensive, and worked to regain all I had lost. It was quite an achievement the first time I successfully added 2+2.

It's been many years since the accident, and I'm now in a position to keep the promise I made to myself while recovering. My goal in creating this company is to find a way to make quality healthcare services accessible and affordable for everyone. Treatment should not be denied. Care should not be compromised. And while I cannot solve all your healthcare problems, HealthCare Advocates can protect you and your loved ones from some of the problems and hardships I faced. To keep my promise, I've gathered the expertise needed in the medical, legal and insurance worlds to help HealthCare Advocates' members solve their problems. That's how HealthCare Advocates was founded. And that's why we are here; to help you!

Company Updates:
In recognition of his pioneering achievements, Kevin Flynn has been appointed to the Presidential Business Commission (George W. Bush), awarded the Congressional Gold Medal by the National Republican Congressional Committee, served on the nominating committee for a major charity that wishes to remain anonymous, has been recognized as an industry leader by the Standard and Poor's companies and other renowned organizations, teaches at a prominent university, consulted with a medical TV series that aired on CBS, and his visionary practices have been the subject of college text books, course curriculum and reviews at major universities including Harvard and Yale.

HealthCare Advocates, Inc. continues to define the role for patient advocates and has been seen on CNN, ABC World News Tonight, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Prevention, Self Magazine,US News & World Reports, Hospital & Healthcare News, Business Week, Bloomsberg Personal Finance, CBS Weekend News, NPR, St. Petersburg Times, Philadelphia Business Journal, as well as other local and national media outlets.


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