Dear HealthCare Advocates,

I am writing to express my profound gratitude for the help that your company afforded my son, Jason.  Jason was critically ill and had to be hospitalized for several days in June of this year.  Because he had just begun a new job, his insurance benefits had not yet kicked in.  He was, consequently, responsible for a bill in excess of $31,000, an amount that would have been impossible for him to repay.

I tried to negotiate with the hospital on his behalf.  Needless to say, I got nowhere.  That's when I decided to engage Healthcare Advocates to handle the situation.

It is now about 3 months later, and we were just notified that Jason's bills have been reduced to a total of $6,300---a savings of almost 80%!  I don't know how your firm gets such miraculous results, but I do know that you have impacted the lives of untold numbers of people.  In Jason's case, you kept him from having to declare bankruptcy and from ruining his credit rating.  I greatly appreciate all that you've done.  Having read your profile, I know that your personal tragedy propelled you to start Healthcare Advocates.  What a generous way to pay forward your own wonderful recovery.  Thank you.

Yonkers, NY