Jennifer Walsh
Baldwin Park, CA

February 24, 2010

Healthcare Advocates

Dear Kevin Flynn,

I wanted to write to you and thank you for all that you did for me. I have had problems with my insurance paying for my treatment for a long time. I not only had to battle the insurance companies but also the treatment providers. Dentist simply don’t get paid enough to fight claims so if you get denied they are likely to not provide your much needed treatment. That is what happened to me. I suffered in great pain for almost a year while I urged my Dentist to resubmit my paper work for root-canal and crown. I came to find out that they began telling me they were resubmitting when they were in fact not. When the Doctors stopped trying I was hopeless that I would ever find relief of this pain. In a final desperate attempt I searched on the Internet for Healthcare Advocates. Lucky for me that was the name of your service. I admit I was skeptical at first and fearful that it would be yet another dead end road. However with nothing left to lose I took my chances. I was so amazed at what you did and how diligently you got to work. I was touched when you fought in my corner because I had been in that corner, alone, for a long time. Your strength empowered me and lifted my self esteem back up from a low place. I began to feel a greater sense of self worth that I had lost over the last few years through this experience. I left the Dentist that had failed to be a caring practitioner and searched for someone else. With my new sense of self worth, I was able to find a wonderful Dentist in a terrific office. They treat me like a million dollar cash paying client despite my low paying insurance. I finally got the care and treatment I needed and with all your hard work, I was able to finally complete my treatment and get out of pain. I don’t know how I will ever thank you. You will always be a hero in my eyes. I will never forget what you did for me and how you helped me regardless of my situation. You reminded me that goodness and integrity still exists in this world. Above all you have restored my hope and faith in people.

With Sincere Regards,
Jennifer Walsh