Prescription, Dental & Vision Plans - Do You Need One?

Healthcare is changing rapidly these days and as it changes, so does your coverage. While most Americans are enrolled in some sort of managed care program what they don't know is that many plans exclude dental and vision coverage, some even exclude a prescription plan. Medicare, on the other hand, does not offer a prescription, dental or vision plan. Medicare recipients must enroll in an independent plan if they wish to enjoy savings in these service areas.

Do you need a prescription, dental or vision plan? Let's start with the basics. Does your insurance policy include all of these plans? If it does not, do you foresee a need for dental or vision care? Studies show that almost everyone will have a prescription filled each year and that the elderly have an average of 15 prescriptions per year. Because of this, a prescription plan is very cost effective.

What are the costs and savings of these plans? On the average, a prescription plan will cost you $24 annually and will save you 10% - 30% off the retail price. This translates to an average annual savings of $450 for the elderly. A dental plan will cost $35 annually and will have an average savings of 35% off your dental needs. A vision plan will cost $20 annually and will save you 20% - 60% off the normal retail price of eyewear and a minimum of 20% off on contacts. Because of the low cost and high savings of these plans, most people will save money, over and above the cost of the plan, the first time they use it.

How do these plans work? When you enroll in a prescription, dental or vision program you will be given a membership card. Simply show that card to a participating pharmacy, dentist or vision care center and your bill will automatically reflect your discount. No forms or applications to fill out. Just show them your card and your savings are automatically processed.

For more information on these plans and where to find them contact HealthCare Advocates at (215) 735-7711.

by Kevin Flynn
Note: the costs listed in this article will change so please do not rely upon them.