Healthcare Advocates Team,
                I can not begin to thank you enough for your help with my second appeal with my insurance company in regards to my panniculectomy [aka tummy tuck]. After being denied the first time I did not hold much hope for the second round. I was not able to give you much time or notice for the date of the meeting but you managed to come through for me in my time of need.

                Receiving an occasional e-mail letting me know that someone was working on my case gave me glimmers of hope. The phone calls before and after the meeting were also a boost.
               Just having you there on my side to speak up for me gave me the courage to know that at least some of what I was trying to convey in my nervous state would get through to the decision makers.
                I am now waiting for the surgeons to call with a date for my surgery and I can't thank you enough. I know that HealthCare Advocates made a difference in my case and everyone needs someone like you in their corner. I would shout it from the rooftop of the insurance building if I thought I could.." CALL HEALTHCARE ADVOCATES BEFORE YOU WALK IN THAT DOOR!"
My most sincere thanks and gratitude,

Fryeburg, ME