HealthCare Advocates

In June 2009, my doctor recommended that I have some xrays taken at a local hospital because I was having joint pain.  I naively assumed my insurance company would pay for the xrays.  Shortly thereafter, I received a bill from the hospital for $1817.50 for the 3 xrays. I contacted my insurance company, and appealed their decision several times, but each time payment was denied.  In the interim, I paid $500.00 of the $1817.50 bill to the hospital.  One night, as I was searching online, I found Health Care Advocates' website.  In Sept. 2009, I contacted Kevin Flynn, who said that he could help me.  I corresponded and spoke with Health Care Advocates for the next three months, as they continued their interaction with the insurance company.  I did my best to keep the faith, but was still concerned whether or not Health Care Advocates could actually get the amount I owed the hospital reduced, if at all

In January 2010, I was thrilled to received a call and email from Health Care Advocates, stating that I now only owed the hospital $65.88 of the remaining $1317.50 xray bill!
I am thankful that God answered my prayer, and that Health Care Advocates was successful in their efforts on my behalf.

I hope that they continue to help many other people for years to come.

Susan -
Hatfield, PA (January, 2010)